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Mobile Signal Boosters

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About Mobile Signal Booster?

A Booster is a device which increases the signal strength with the help of two Antennaes. One Antennae is placed on the top of the roof and another placed inside the area which needs the signal. Outside Antennae captures the good quality signals and Booster boosts these signals inside the area of weak signal. A signal booster will make a weak signal stronger and can bypass obstacles that may block signal, like concrete or metal walls. Mobile signal booster  extend the range of cell networks into areas that receive poor service.

There are Three types of Boosters available with us.

Single Band Booster :   It boosts the signal of one frequency i.e Idea or Airtel or BSNL or Reliance etc.  It boosts the signal of Single  Frequency  i.e  900 MHz or 1800 MHz or2100 MHz.

Dual Band Booster :  It Boosts  two Frequencies with 3G signal. It boosts 900/1800 MHz  or 900/2100 MHz frequencies.

Tri Band Booster :  It boosts  Three frequencies  900/1800/2100 MHz. It support all 2G/3G/4G signals.

Our cell phone signal boosters work on every place including Home, Office, Commercial Building, Hotel, School, Colleges, Vehicles, Remote Areas Warehouses, basements etc. The mobile signal boosters cover all the networks viz Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Jio etc.

A mobile network booster can help with fortifying the signal a phone can get in specific zones of a building. In the event that you are encountering call drops in the home or office, a booster may be the perfect answer for expanding the nature of the signal





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